The Facts:

Garland Tucker Supports Amnesty & Opposes the Trump-Tillis Border Security Plan.

Amidst his false accusations about Senator Tillis and President Trump's plans for securing our border, Tucker's pro-amnesty record leaves much to be desired:

Tucker has been falsely accusing Senator Tillis of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, but it was Tucker himself who supported amnesty shortly after announcing his campaign. ​​

Tucker opposed deporting illegal immigrants while he simultaneously supported a big increase in the number of immigrants America accepts.

What’s worse for Tucker is that the clip he is using in his ads to attack Senator Tillis’ immigration record, comes right from a press conference where Tillis was introducing President Trump’s border security legislation, which includes $25 billion for the wall. 

Tucker's ads criticizing Senator Tillis are nothing more than attacks on President Trump, right in line with Tucker's Never-Trump record.

Garland Tucker's Historical Never-Trump Attitude Continues Today.

It should come as no surprise that Tucker is attacking President Trump in TV ads given the op-ed he wrote in 2016 calling candidate Trump “downright heretical”, among other Never-Trump comments and actions by Tucker:

Tucker stood by the op-ed earlier this year and even criticized the President personally. 

He hired a Never-Trumper, who has called President Trump a “wacko”, to run his campaign.

Tucker still regards the personal life of the president as “not exemplary.”

Tucker's real record of disparagement of President Trump shows his true Never Trump colors.


Garland Tucker's Deep Ties to Clinton & the Swamp Are Exactly What Trump & Tillis Are Fighting Against.

And not only does Tucker have disdain for President Trump, he also is a beneficiary of the swamp that Senator Tillis and the President have been working hard to drain. 

Tucker has deep ties to the Clinton network, even hiring former Clinton advisor Dick Morris for his campaign team. 

Dick Morris is famous for helping Bill Clinton trick voters, escape scandal, and stay in power.​ Morris has told donors he will do the same for Garland Tucker.

Tucker's career & campaign are the epitome of the 'swamp' that President Trump and Senator Tillis are working tirelessly to drain. 


Garland Tucker's Never-Trump Record is Clear.

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